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A lower vote could

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signal to markets that Congress' commitment to plugging the fiscal deficit is faltering and undermine a surge in Brazilian asset prices fueled by confidence that Temer will put government books in order. The arrest on Wednesday of the speaker Eduardo Cunha on corruption charges, while expected, sent shockwaves through Congress. Sessions came to a halt and Congress emptied when Cunha's arrest was reported. "At times of confusion like this, many congressmen 'go under' and prefer to stay in their districts," a Temer aide told Reuters on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the

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matter. "Our job is to guarantee that there will be a quorum on Tuesday." If lawmakers turn up in force, the constitutional amendment limiting growth in public spending to the inflation rate should sail through the second vote in the House and move on to the Senate, where it is expected to win approval before year-end. Temer, who replaced impeached leftist President Dilma Rousseff in August, would then face the tougher task of reforming Brazil's costly pensions system, one of the main factors that drove the fiscal deficit above 10 percent of Gross Domestic Product last year. Congressman Pauderney Avelino, a Temer ally and leader of the center-right Democrats party, which holds the speakership, said Cunha's arrest would not derail the reform agenda. "There is political stress here due to relations that Cunha had with so many lawmakers but it won't spoil the vote on the spending cap, or the other fiscal measures we have to adopt," he said. Brazil's economy is expected to pull out of a two-year recession in the first quarter.

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That's less money for roads, that's less money for schools and that's less money for fire departments." But that's not all it means, Falls said. "It means the loss of jobs for the community. It means there isn't a store down the street for people to go buy groceries, to go buy medicine, to go buy clothes for their kids,'' he said. "Those are the necessities of

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life, what every community needs to thrive, to survive." Falls said he was recently asked why they have dedicated the effort to white-collar crime and fraud. "When that business closes its doors, we lose all that it provides. It is because those necessities that these businesses provide to the community. They aren't just providing necessities, they are providing hope,'' he said. "In the last two years, we have seen an increase in violent crime in certain cities across the country, and one of the common characteristics in those cities is a lack of economic opportunity,'' Falls said. "In referring to that economic opportunity in Chicago, a city that has certainly seen an increase in violent, a city official said, 'Show me a man without hope, and I'll show you a man willing to pick up a gun.''' Falls said that's why they started the task force to go after theft and fraud and everything that follows from it, which includes violent crime. "Crime doesn't happen in a vacuum, and the ramifications of it don't happen in a vacuum either, and those ramifications are made worse by the perception of crime in the area,'' he said.

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